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With 13 years of Activity and Experience in the IT B2B Market.

We are Focused on the IT B2B industry and specialized in selling New Components and Used/Refurbished Computers.

Our main Market of activity is focused in European Countries with already over 800 partners.

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We are Distributors for EMTEC Brand concerning Solid State Drives (SSD) and Peripherals in Europe, Africa, Middle-East and in the Americas.

We have all the time Stock of :

120Gb SSD 2.5″ | 240Gb SSD 2.5″ | 480Gb SSD 2.5″

Our Own Brand, designed for POS Equipment and Solid State Drives.

Selling CashDrawers, Thermal Printers and Good entry-level Price of SSD.

We have all the time Stock of :

128Gb SSD 2.5″ | 240/256Gb SSD 2.5″ | 480/512Gb SSD 2.5″

Refurbished PC’s and Laptops of the major brands on the Market.

We have all the time Stock of the most high rotation stock, such as :

HP 840G1/G2/G3 | HP 850 G1/G2/G3 , etc

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